A Pandemic Project

A Pandemic Project

Last summer, Jobsite Theater put out a call to local artists to create digital content in exchange for a stipend. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to have had this project to work on.

It gave me a creative outlet, kept me focused, healthy, and motivated for the last half of 2020 in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I leaned out, trained more than ever, and shaped aerial choreography to a song I wrote pre-pandemic called Doubt Raised a Voice that Sings that couldn’t have been more relevant. You can ONLY see this collection of artistry on Jobsite Digital Shorts, for the low low price of $1.99. All proceeds go back to participating artists.

Doubt Raised a Voice That Sings Teaser from Jobsite Theater on Vimeo.

“Finally for the last piece of this trilogy, we’re back inside at the Jaeb where the ridiculously versatile Kasondra Rose performs her aerial dance to the title song that she wrote and sings. She splits the silks stretching her legs to the breaking point, but she doesn’t even flinch. As the indigo accents caress her hair, strength and elegance coexist—she soars, she flips, she stretches, she bends, she’s right side up, she’s upside down. The long shots show the stage floor fragmented like light through a faceted diamond, and finally, it ends in a downward tumble. The ultimate contraction tucked into a fetal position as the camera shifts it’s gaze 180-degrees and silhouettes the dancer against a theatre of empty chairs. You can’t help but reflect on those lost to COVID-19. It’s a piece that invites repeated viewings.”CREATIVE LOAFING TAMPA BAY, February 19, 2021

Below is a collection of rehearsal videos – outtakes and bloopers, really – that you can watch for free so that you can then go and enjoy how much work was put into this project.