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Kasondra Rose and The Sleepless will keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning with their swingin', funky, soulful style, filling your ear-holes with original music and cover songs with a spin!  Greg grounds the group with his thick bass lines, John lays down a sick groove on the drums, and Elliot adds flavor with every lick.  Together, their unique arrangements and playful energy will leave the crowd buzzing!

After finishing up her Bachelor's degree (after too many years), Kasondra wondered what would happen if she channeled all the energy she was using for school into her music career, which had just been floating along without direction. She started attending The Hideaway Cafe's Living Room Live series regularly to clear the cobwebs off of the original material she hadn't touched in years of playing cover gigs. There, she met up with several of St. Pete's finest musicians, and one night was approached by a drummer (John) who was interested in working with her. Having been in a band at the start of her singing career, Kasondra was getting the itch to work in a band again, but putting together the people seemed like a daunting task. As it happened, John came built in with a bass and guitar player (a feature that was not listed on the packaging!) whom he was working with on another project, The Rosewoods.

After several rehearsals piecing together arrangements of her original material with the handsome gentlemen, and not having ever seen them play a live show, Kasondra started to wonder in horror, "What if these guys are HORRIBLE live?!" So she wandered down to the Anti-Warped festival, where The Rosewoods were playing. Had she been wearing socks in the 95 degree sweat-fest, these guys would have surely knocked them off. She was blown away by their stage presence and musicality. Inspired, Kasondra pulled out all of her original material in hopes that the guys would add their magic to it. They played their first few tunes out live at another Hideaway Cafe Living Room Live session, and have since then been playing in many of Tampa Bay's finest establishments.