Vocal Coach

So, when I went to New York City right out of high school, I did a lot of things wrong.  I can say with certainty, however, that I did one thing right.  I took vocal instruction for a time with Steve Sweetland.  Looking back, I didn’t fully appreciate how valuable the instruction would prove to be.  I believe that Steve taught me how to use my voice in such a way as to be able to sing 10 nights in a row with a band at varying nightclubs, to sing with a cold or bad allergies, and (years later without realizing it would be a benefit) to use my voice wisely when giving instruction in group fitness classes, all without losing my voice.  Ever.  In the last eight years, I cannot recall a time when I had to cancel a gig or class because I had no voice, and I credit that to Steve. Read more “Vocal Coach”