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I always knew I wanted to be on stage.

Dance was my first passion.  I would dance all around the house with music or without, with an audience or without. At the age of four, my Mom asked if I wanted to take dance lessons, to which I quickly and firmly replied, “No, I’m good enough already.”  At the age of six, I realized this was not in fact the case, and began to formally study dance.

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While I was focused on dance, I was always interested in singing.

My mother worked as a musician in the mid-West, and I would watch her write down lyrics to popular songs and listen to her sing harmonies to the songs playing on the car radio.  When she wasn’t home, I would dress up in the outfits she had sewn to wear out to gigs, and I would sing loudly (and likely badly) to my favorite songs.

kas in nyc

I started up voice lessons in high school, thinking they would merely supplement my dance training.

When I was in a ballet class in college in New York City, I distinctly remember doing pliés and tendues center floor and feeling jealous while listening to the musical theater people next door belting out broadway tunes.  I dropped out of the dance program and took a musical theater class where I was told, with great disgust, that I sounded “like a lounge singer.” I then had the fortune of working with a fantastic vocal coach who himself worked as a “lounge singer.” After some missteps of a tiny teenager in a big city, I moved down to my parents’ condo in Florida to sort myself out.

classified ad

In 2004, I started singing at various venues in the Tampa Bay Area.

I put an ad in the local arts magazine, Creative Loafing, and was fortunate to get hired by a top 40s cover band. After a few years, I made the plunge into playing solo – I bought a PA and all the gear to go with it and promised myself that I’d play enough gigs to cover its cost. 11 years later and 100s of gigs under my belt, I finally retired that little system – it paid for itself and more.

kas 2013 studio 10 appearance

In 2012, my relationship with music got… serious.

I wondered what would happen if I started to really focus my energy on this thing I had sort of casually been doing for a while. In 2013 I released my first album of original music, “More Than I.” In 2014, I played my first shows in a state other than Florida. In 2015, I released a band album of original music, took the band on a mini Florida tour, and toured solo out of state again. In 2016, I released my second solo album of original music, “Out of Thin Air,” after being on the road for the month, all the way up to Petoskey, Michigan and back down playing solo shows. In 2017, I went on my fourth solo out of state tour, playing shows outside of Florida for a month. I’ve played in dozens of cities including Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville. I’m currently working on music for my next album, and constantly scheming for what’s next.