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St. Pete Catalyst Profile: Meet Singer/Songwriter Kasondra Rose

St. Pete Catalyst
Article by Bill DeYoung

Kasondra Rose never met a challenge she wouldn’t take on.

She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer, aerialist and actor – although not always in that order – and every step in her professional career has been taken with equal amounts of adrenaline, fear, doubt and blind confidence.

That’s what makes Kasondra Rose an artist.

“I think the one constant for me has been love of performing,” she says. “I love performing, and I’ve come to realize that I don’t much care the capacity.”

Her supple, ethereal voice is an amalgam of the women she claims as influences – McLachlan and Mitchell, Fitzgerald and Vaughan, Jewel and Apple – and her music is shimmering and dreamlike folk/pop/jazz.

So far, she has released three albums.

Forever ambitious, and restless, Kasondra Rose’s blue sky has no limit, on purpose. “Part of me has always been chasing the dragon,” she says. “I don’t ever want to say ‘Well, that was it.’ I feel like I can do it again.”

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What an absolute JOY to be a part of this wonderful production, and also what a heck of a way to be making my Tampa Bay area theater debut! Only eleven shows remain of this 5 week run, so be sure to grab your tickets while you still can! There are so many reasons I love this show that it’s difficult to express without making a horrible run-on sentence: I get to sing, I get to dance, I get to do aerial acrobatics – all to music scored by Jeremy Douglass, the producer of my two solo albums – I get to act, I get to hang out with and learn from some of the Tampa Bay area’s BEST actors and actresses, I am surrounded by delightful, kind, and supportive people, and I GET PAID. What is this magic? Come see for yourself. Tickets Here.

Podcast – Song Divers

The fellas over at Song Divers were kind enough to have me over to perform a few songs and (ahem) dive deep into my personal life and songwriting. This was a wonderful experience and I’m happy to get to share it with you!

“The first thing that hooks you about Kasondra Rose is that hauntingly beautiful siren voice…although it’s virtually impossible to separate that from the ethereal poetry and mysterious pull of her songs. Then again, she’s just as likely to disarm you with a childlike ditty about an aimlessly floating cartoon cloud. A dancer turned actor turned singer—who also dabbles in aerial gymnastics and animation—Kasondra knows what she wants when she finds it, but she’s always restlessly searching for it. In the meantime, she’s made her mark as a solo performer around the eastern U.S., and earned a place in the talented artist’s collective known as The Florida Bjorkestra. Fittingly, we spent part of our last episode with Bjorkestra founder Jeremy Douglass weighing in on his creative process producing Kasondra’s song “Out of Thin Air”…and as a special treat, we get to compare Kasondra’s live version of that tune here in this episode. In conversation, we found her to be refreshingly honest, funny, and down-to-earth, and we think you’ll be as charmed as we were to get to know Kasondra Rose.”

Another Music Video!

I traveled to Switzerland last summer and brought my trusty ukulele with me, thinking it might be fun to grab some footage in the Alpine mountains… and HOLY MOLY did we get some footage! Everything about Switzerland was breathtaking… the steep mountains, the way the clouds meandered through the peaks, hearing distant Alpine horns while drinking wine on the porch of our AirBnB, the hiking, oh and the PARAGLIDERS. Man this place was stunning, and I couldn’t help myself but to sing my happy little Bob Ross of a song – “A Cloud” – on the tops of the mountains. I know it’s silly to have two music videos for the same song but… can you blame me? I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Summer Tour 2018

I booked the first show for this tour back in early January. One of my regular venues up in Michigan reached out and was ready to book for the summer, and I couldn’t say no! Three months later, in mid April, I’m finally finished booking this tour. I sent hundreds of emails, had dozens of polite declinations, dozens and dozens of no responses at all, but just enough responses to build a month long tour! The booking process is always stressful, but I *so* look forward to getting on the road to see old friends and make new ones 🙂 Please join the Facebook event and invite your friends! 😀