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Lessons from a pencil skirt.

Lessons from a pencil skirt

1. Coming back from vacation and trying to fit back into a pencil skirt is sort of like the reverse of accidentally shrinking a sweater.

2.  Buy a pencil skirt that’s a little stretchy.

3.  If you don’t buy a stretchy pencil skirt, don’t expect to get into your car like you normally would.  You can try, but your foot will miss the floor of the car entirely and you will fall sideways into the vehicle like a breeching whale.  It won’t be as majestic.

4.  Maybe a pulled pork sandwich isn’t the best food option while wearing a pencil skirt.

5.  Maybe a Guinness isn’t the best drink option.

6.  Bend over as much as you need to in your knee-length pencil skirt.  That sucker isn’t going ANYWHERE.

7.  Good luck bending over in your knee-length pencil skirt!


The Week of July 15th

So, last Friday was interesting.  I had originally booked 7/12 back in May, but the venue cancelled music for the summer due to low customer volume.  Bummer, but, ok.  I rebooked the date at an outside gig in Tampa about a week or so after the cancellation, thinking, “Awesome!”  July 12th rolls around, and it’s been pretty rainy around here.  Major isolated thunderstorms, some tornados, a tropical storm lingering out there. I text the agent in charge of the booking an hour before I leave to see if the venue will put me inside if it rains, only to find out that due to a big party coming in, the venue hired a band for the evening.  The band will need to set up early, therefore, no early music, i.e. my gig for the evening is cancelled, AGAIN.

As a musician, I’m always looking for the next gig.  Looking for work NEVER ends.  It’s nice to be in some places that provide steady work, but even seemingly steady work can fall flat with one phone call.  Frustrated, I throw my guitar in the car, dress like I’m going to a gig, and grab my iPad (which holds my book of cheat sheets) “just in case.”  I head out to a venue in Largo that I’ve been wanting to get a show at and figure I’ll grab a bite and a pint and pester the manager for a gig. On my way, I get a call for a last minute gig on Indian Rocks Beach.  “Sure. Oddly enough, I’m already halfway there with all of my gear in the car.”  So how about that?



The Week of May 27th

It was a bittersweet farewell to the Pier on Monday, there were a few tears shed as I sang my last song from the 5th floor.  It was so great to see so many familiar faces, so thanks to all who joined me in my goodbye to the first steady solo gig I ever booked for myself; 7 years and roughly 500 hours later, an era has come to an end.


More photos from James Zambon Photography after the jump…

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EP Release Photos

Many thanks to all of you who were able to stop by The Ale and The Witch for my EP Release!  The support from you all was really overwhelming, but I had an absolute BLAST and can’t wait for the next one 😉

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, you missed 14-18mph winds, some light sun showers, and great musical moments featuring my friend Stephanie Anderson, my beautiful mother, and the guys who make up The Sleepless – John MacDonald on drums, Elliot Dickinson on bass, and Nick Lee on lead guitar.  You can order a digital version or a physical copy through my Bandcamp Store.  Here are photos from the show, courtesy of James Zambon Photography. Read more “EP Release Photos”


Post-EP Release Week… Whew!!

I really don’t even know where to start – from the TV appearance, to the two radio spots the morning of the show, it has been an amazing, rewarding, fulfilling, stressful, panicked, joyful weekend!  I am so grateful for everyone who was able to come to the show!  It was great to have my friend Stephanie Anderson sing harmonies with me!  Also, the guys in my band – Nick (guitar), Elliot (bass), and John (drums) have been working their butts off for me and created beautiful arrangements for my original music.  What an honor it was to get to play with them, as well as an absolute blast.  James Zambon took some great photos which I’ll be posting later in the week.  For now, please enjoy this video of my mother singing beautiful harmonies with me on one of our favorite folk songs, “I’ll Fly Away.”  We didn’t have time to rehearse, and have never sung live together, which is a serious crime.