Author: Kasondra Rose


Michigan Tour Merchandise!!

I’m gearing up for my tour through my home state of Michigan at the beginning of August!  I’m excited and scared and nervous!  To help fund my new endeavor, I’ve had some custom stickers and pint glasses manufactured – stickers are $1 and pint glasses will be $10.  If you’re interested in either, please shoot me a message via the contact form and I’ll make sure to reserve you some merch!  The logo looks like this:



Additionally, I’m using a website called TeeSpring in case you’d like a tee-shirt with this handmade design!  I need to have ten pre-ordered shirts before they will be manufactured and sent to you.  This saves me the expensive, upfront cost of having shirts printed.  If I don’t reach the goal of ten shirts, they won’t be printed and you won’t be charged, so don’t worry!  You can reserve yours today!

Finally, all you Floridians, please mark your calendars for my kickoff tour!  On Sunday, July 27th at 5:00pm, my band will be playing at The Hideaway Cafe in downtown St. Pete.  We’ll be recording the event LIVE, and if you donate ANY AMOUNT at the door, you’ll get your own copy of the recording!  That’s right, it’s a FREE SHOW!!


The Week of March 17th

So many exciting things have been happening lately!!  For starters, my song “You Fly” was licensed by a company in California for use in a video production they’re using!

A few weeks later, Pandora approved my EP, More Than I, and it will be going live soon!  screen-capture-19

And as if that weren’t enough excitement for a month, I just booked a gig up in my home state of Michigan, and will be doing a week long tour of venues there in August!  Woo!!



Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season!  I was able to write a bunch of new songs during the month of December, and sort of accidentally wrote a lullaby for my adorable two-year old nephew.  My sister had been asking (half joking) when I was going to do a lullaby album, but I figured one song was a good start (and/or finish) and had it recorded all nice and fancy with my friend Jeremy Douglass.  I think it made for a good Christmas present 🙂  What do you think?