Shockheaded Peter

I am absolutely DELIGHTED to again be working with Jobsite Theater in their production of Shockheaded Peter! I have the pleasure of working with an absolutely stellar cast of the Tampa Bay area’s most talented performers, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to wear all of my hats in one production: I’m tap dancing, puppeteering, performing on aerial silks, singing ensemble vocals, and providing choreography for this production. HOLY MOLY. Shows run from June 11th through July 3rd, be sure to grab your tickets!

  • St. Pete Catalyist – “Katrina Stevenson and Kasondra Rose are in the cast, too, spinning from suspended silks as only they can (those who saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2020 experienced them in action)… ‘We found ways to weave Katrina and Kasondra through the stories. Sometimes the two of them are showgirls. Sometimes they’re aerialists. Sometimes they’re playing characters. In one of the stories, they wear these ridiculous giant rabbit heads’ [director David Jenkins explains].”
  • Stephanie Powers, Creative Loafing – “My heart skipped a few times during the movements of the aerial acrobats. Kasondra Rose and Katrina Stevenson get uncomfortably high while hanging every which way; I dream of that kind of flexibility and upper-arm strength… Everytime an actor, musician or aerial artist performed I thought, “That’s the star of the show!” Then I realized, the show is the star of the show”
  • Peter Nason, Broadway World – “The cast is to die for… Kasondra Rose and Katrina Stevenson are the aerialists who twist and turn on the dangling red drapes above the stage. They also choreographed, even including a demented tap routine.”
  • Maggie Duffy, Tampa Bay Times – “Aerialists Stevenson and Kasondra Rose stun as they climb and tumble down the silks, sometimes with props in hand, in an amazing and at times terrifying display of coordination and upper body strength.”
  • Drew Eberhard, Broadway World – “The aerialists Katrina Stevenson and Kasondra Rose dazzle high above the audience. This is one feature that makes this production truly magical… With the height of the ceiling and the ability to have these breathtaking Aerial silk works, it’s truly magical. “Flying Robert” has to be seen to believe it’s that damn beautiful. Kasondra and Katrina should be commended for the athleticism and sheer beauty that it takes to produce this type of work. It is magical to watch all the twisting, turning and spinning and it adds yet another layer to the already insanely fabulous production. Jobsite has pulled out all the stops here, and it’s a marvel.”


St. Pete Catalyst Profile: Meet Singer/Songwriter Kasondra Rose

Kasondra Rose never met a challenge she wouldn’t take on.

She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer, aerialist and actor – although not always in that order – and every step in her professional career has been taken with equal amounts of adrenaline, fear, doubt and blind confidence.

That’s what makes Kasondra Rose an artist.

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