Kasondra Rose never met a challenge she wouldn’t take on.

She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer, aerialist and actor – although not always in that order – and every step in her professional career has been taken with equal amounts of adrenaline, fear, doubt and blind confidence.

That’s what makes Kasondra Rose an artist.

“I think the one constant for me has been love of performing,” she says. “I love performing, and I’ve come to realize that I don’t much care the capacity.”

Her supple, ethereal voice is an amalgam of the women she claims as influences – McLachlan and Mitchell, Fitzgerald and Vaughan, Jewel and Apple – and her music is shimmering and dreamlike folk/pop/jazz.

So far, she has released three albums.

Forever ambitious, and restless, Kasondra Rose’s blue sky has no limit, on purpose. “Part of me has always been chasing the dragon,” she says. “I don’t ever want to say ‘Well, that was it.’ I feel like I can do it again.”

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St. Pete Catalyst
Article by Bill DeYoung