New Music Release!

I have been bursting at the seams to announce the release of my second solo album, “Out of Thin Air”!! I’ll be holding the CD release event on Sunday, August 21st at the beautiful Morean Center for Clay in downtown St. Pete. Enjoy live performances of songs off the album with amazing aerial acrobatics provided by BB’s Dance & Circus Arts. Join (and please share!) the event and get your tickets in advance for a free digital single and discounts on album pre-orders!


“Out of Thin Air” was just a tiny little throw-away track that I wrote using some loops in GarageBand back in November 2014. I was trying to write it as an upbeat little ditty, but it totally wasn’t working. I found a plucked upright bass loop, edited the words down quite a bit, and recorded a scratch track right before I hit the bed at like 3am.  I didn’t think much of it.  I sent it to my musician friend Jeremy Douglass, and he sent back the HUGE track that you hear now which was just begging to be the title track.  And here we are! I hope you’ll help me celebrate, and I hope you’ll enjoy the music!

Special thanks go to James Zambon Photography for the beautiful album photo and graphics help, Morgan Liskey at Aislyn June Photography for album cover graphic design, Dance and Circus Arts of Tampa Bay for use of their facilities for the album cover and for providing beautiful aerialists for the CD Release event, and of course super special thanks to Jeremy Douglass at Toy Window Studio for working his production magic.