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Kasondra Rose's voice is warm like wine in your belly, with notes of dark sweetness and a smooth finish. Originally from Michigan, she ventured to New York to pursue dancing, taking voice lessons on the side from one of New York City's most prestigious vocal coaches.  Those lessons ignited her passion for singing, and she found an outlet for her love of song in the Tampa Bay area's thriving music scene.  Kasondra has been treating Tampa Bay's residents with her silky voice for the last ten years.

You can read about her band, Kasondra Rose and The Sleepless, over here.




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New Songs! Free Downloads!

In November, I participated in an online song writing challenge called “National Solo Album Month.”  From their website:

(Inter)National Solo Album Month is a fun, free annual challenge in which musicians write and record an entire solo album during the month of November. NaSoAlMo favours enthusiasm and perseverance rather than perfectionism. It encourages musicians and would-be songwriters to silence their inner critic for thirty days in order to inspire and maximize productivity. The albums are likely to be hastily written, off-time, and out of tune; the main objective is to just do it.

Seeing that I hadn’t written any new songs since December 2013, I thought this might be a fun way to get motivated, and it was!  I do much better when there’s a clearly defined goal, a deadline, and some people to whom I’m even remotely accountable.  I gave myself the creative restraint of not using my guitar to write any of the tunes, and I hammered out 8 new songs.  I used my ukulele to start some out, and ended up writing the first song I’ve ever written on a ukulele – “A Cloud“! I also used the keyboard just a bit, but my main source of laying down a musical foundation was using GarageBand loops.  Towards the end, I did use my guitar for some of the recordings.

Just to be clear, what you’re hearing on these tracks are roughly sketched out songs.  There’s no fancy microphone – literally just my computer’s built-in mic – there’s no autotune, just raw ideas.  I’ve already brought some of these tunes to the band, and we’ve since started playing “Sticky Fingers” and “Sunnyside Up” live out at shows!

For a limited time, you can download these songs FOR FREE via my SoundCloud page!  Enjoy!

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